A Day in Plethora

I have a quick announcement to make to you this evening. We are on the eve of another April 18th and so another “Plethora Day”, that is, the day on which the events of Plethora took place. I try to celebrate in some manner every year and all day tomorrow the e-book version will be available … More A Day in Plethora


Happy April Fools’ Day, dear reader! Believe it or not, I have been consistently blogging every weekend so far this year without taking a break. Coming at the end of a busy week for myself and also a week where I battled (another) cold, I think I’ll take this weekend off. But I won’t leave … More Elsewhere

A Season for News

Life has its fair share of seasons. There are hectic days when you are busy and driven and easy-going days with a light amount of work. Currently I’m in the former season and I’ll take some time today to give you some updates, since it’s been awhile from the last time I had big news … More A Season for News

Power to the People

I know it is the weekend before Halloween and as such my article should be themed toward the horror-related. But instead I want to talk about something scarier than zombie hordes, creepy vampires, and ghosts from the netherworld: voting. If there’s one thing we can all agree on is that neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton … More Power to the People

A Plethoran Contest!

Stepping out of routine for a moment to give you a quick update and an opportunity to help me out! New Wrinkle Publishing is conducting a contest in which authors can submit the synopsis (blurb) of their novel for a chance to win the grand prize. What is that prize? Not only is the book … More A Plethoran Contest!