CtK Part 2: Coloring the People of the Kingdom (Part A)

This is the next entry in an on-going series titled Coloring the Kingdom (or CtK). To read the introduction to this series, click here. For better context of what I’ll be talking about today, I’d suggest reading Matthew 5:2-12.  Every nation’s citizens have certain qualities they exhibit. The various peoples of the various countries all have different expectations … More CtK Part 2: Coloring the People of the Kingdom (Part A)

A Messiah for All

This is the final post in a short series on Matthew 1-4. To catch up on the previous entry, click here. Who did Jesus come for? Who did He want to be most affected by His ministry and work? If you’ve been following along in our journey through Matthew 1-4, you might say He came … More A Messiah for All

Tempted As We Are

This is another entry in an ongoing series walking through Matthew 1-4. If you’d like to read the previous post, click here. Previously in Matthew 3, we were introduced to John the Baptist and his wild message of a coming kingdom and Savior. When Jesus stepped on the scene and was baptized, it looked like … More Tempted As We Are