About Me

I’m a Christian author from Kentucky (they do exist) currently living in Kansas City, Missouri (not Kansas). I started my “career” in writing in 8th grade when I started jotting down the most stupidest mysteries ever conceived. In fact, they were so dumb I gave them away to a friend who has hopefully lost them by now. After 8th grade I thought the whole writing thing was just a phase (though I should note I was also writing poetry and songs,which I was praying was not a phase!). But then midway through my first semester as a freshman in a small Christian school in Kentucky (they also exist) I returned to the familiar ground of writing goofball mysteries involving real people. But this time I realized something thanks to their popularity. I thought, “you know, if someone with the IQ of an alarm clock could read and understand this, maybe I could get these published someday!” So the first thing I did when I got home that day was “test run” a story on my alarm clock. It was speechless.

Overjoyed, I continued writing The School-Time Mysteries (creative, right?). Each school year I pushed myself more and the quality improved. My sophomore year I began my first real novel, The Stalking Shadow, based on the series. I finished it a year later and kept plugging away at the short stories. By the time of my high school graduation, I was wrapping up the humorous mystery series and trying to branch out and put some other ideas under my belt. By “other ideas” I mean “one story” but it was a start. Over the last years of high school I was starting to gain a hunk of story concepts that will keep me quite busy for the next few years.

During college, I began working on some of these ideas, one of which was Plethora, a creative fantasy spoof that took up years of editing until it was finally published for the Amazon Kindle in July 2013. Three years later, I published a small collection of poetry spanning 10 years, Seasons So Far. My writing also expanded into the entertainment and Western industries with high hopes for the future.

What comes next, in the near future at least, is a little baby Underdown! From there, who knows? Until that time comes, drop by every Saturday to read something I’ve been thinking about.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey John, found your blog :).

    Is there some mysterious, deep reason why the first paragraph’s font is smaller than the last two? 😉

    Also, have you posted the writing you talk about somewhere for everyone to read? Are they somewhere on this blog?

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