Christmas Song: Christ was in the Manger

About this time last year I made the goal of recording one song a month for an entire year. With this post, I have accomplished that goal! It has been fun choosing, practicing, and recording these 12 tunes, but it has also borne its share of stress. Speaking of stress, that leads us into the background of 2019’s final song…

“Christ was in the Manger” was written last Christmas while I was going through a rough patch. I was stressed out with life and trying to find some mooring in all the chaos. I realized that this was affecting my “Christmas spirit”. How could I focus on the birth of Jesus? I have problems to fix! This wouldn’t due, of course, and I wrote this song to try and help me snap out of my funk.

The concept came about when reading the Christmas narrative in Luke 2. When the angels proclaim peace on earth to the shepherds, they point them to the Christ lying in the manger. The fact that Jesus came, that He was physically on earth, meant that peace was on its way. That means peace, His peace, descends through the centuries, through generations, through life’s trying circumstances, and falls on me as I trust in Him. It’s hard to keep this mindset. Maybe you feel the same. But hopefully this song will be used as a tool to help us find true peace this Christmas. Enjoy and have a merry Christmas!

Christ Was In The Manger
Luke 2:8-16
Words and Music by John Underdown

V1- I am stressed out and worried,
I’m anxious and hurried,
And I think I’m being buried alive.
I’m burned out and fading,
I am always evading,
And I’m only holding on to survive.

Chorus- But Christ was in the manger,
And there is peace on earth.
And I am not a stranger
To that treasure of great worth.
So what have I to worry?
Why should I have dread?
For I am of that body
Where Jesus sits as Head.

V2- I am fed up and angry,
I am busted and weary,
And I can’t focus on Christmastime.
I am worked up and broken,
Harsh words have been spoken,
And I can’t hear the joyous bells chime.


Bridge- Lord, draw my bloodshot heart
To that great work of art
That lay in a stable rude
And teach me the greater good.


*Baratown Music. 2018. All rights reserved.

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