September Song: Endure It for Love

September has swept past us and slowly summer takes its retreat into hibernation for another year. In the Underdown household, the coming of fall means we’re ever more closer to the coming of another little one. As we mentally and physically prep for this new arrival, I thought I’d revisit and record a song I wrote for my wife during her pregnancy with our first child.

I recall waking up one morning and hearing her rough breathing. I knew she was fine, but it was a little unsettling. I think we were both generally unsettled at that point at the prospect of being parents. So, though I wrote the song to encourage her through that time, I also was speaking to myself. It’s a wonder how kids can be simultaneously bringers of joy and sorrow. But it’s all worth enduring and if I ever need to grasp something to fight for, I can endure it for love. Enjoy the tune!

Endure It for Love
Words and Music by John Underdown

V1- I heard your breathing;
It sounded rough.
I heard it while sleeping,
And it told me enough.
But dear, what you’re needing
Is peace from above.
So hear that heart beating,
And endure it for love…
Endure it for love…

Chorus- (‘Cause) the good things in life rarely come without a fight,
So will your struggles be in bringing this baby to light.
This pain that you bear will be turned to joy soon enough;
So do what you do and, please, endure it for love.

V2- I know you’re scared, dear,
I feel the same.
There is much that we can fear,
Without giving it a name.
Though the future is not clear,
No, it is not tame,
I will be right here
Through your greatest pain..
Through your greatest pain…


Bridge- Don’t let the gray skies of winter
Sink into your skin…
You have trouble enough
Without letting that in…


*Baratown Music. 2016. All rights reserved.

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