Poem: “The Meter Man of Manitou Springs”

Almost a year ago, we journeyed out to Colorado Springs, CO for a short vacation. It was a trip mixed equally with stress as it was with wonder and relaxation. There’s something about being around mountains that stirs the soul in a certain way. I tried writing a poem for each day we were there and today (since it’s been awhile from the last one) I’ll share with you one of them.

These lines came at the end of our last day, after visiting a small tourist town called Manitou Springs. Most of the parking in town was monitered by meter with a couple vigilant employees ticketing expired cars. Thankfully we had no issues with them, but we could have and so came this poem. I don’t want to explain too much to avoid ruining the experience, so read on and enjoy!

The Meter Man of Manitou Springs
By J.R. Underdown

With a cold glint in his steely eyes,
He strides forth to claim his coveted prize.
He prowls the street to dole out blows
That lay low the careless with green woes.
He laughs at anger and grins at tears;
He skips with fat foot on a tourist’s fears.
He flexes his muscle to ward off the faint;
Many a windshield his ticket will taint!

And yet, here’s a mercy unexpected to see:
I made a slight error and he passed over me.

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