Song: Odysseus

As May comes to a close and we enter Memorial Day weekend, I offer you this month’s song. This one is more literary in inspiration than most of what I write, springboarding off of Homer’s Odyssey. When I read that story a couple years ago I thought the desire of the central character (Odysseus) to … More Song: Odysseus

Sitting in Scripture with Kierkegaard

Most of the world know the Danish thinker Soren Kierkegaard for his philosophical works, but I introduced myself to him through a collection calledĀ Spiritual Writings: Gift, Creation, Love: Selections from the Upbuilding Discourses. The book is separated into three sections of essays/sermons/lectures, each covering the topics mentioned in the second subtitle. The essays are essentially … More Sitting in Scripture with Kierkegaard

A Messiah for All

This is the final post in a short series on Matthew 1-4. To catch up on the previous entry, click here. Who did Jesus come for? Who did He want to be most affected by His ministry and work? If you’ve been following along in our journey through Matthew 1-4, you might say He came … More A Messiah for All