New Song: Restore My Soul

As I mentioned in my annual Reflections post, part of my resolution for music in the new year is to post a song on the blog each month. Some artists challenge themselves similarly by writing a new song each month. I’m not so brave yet. These songs are “new” to a point, some may be written within the past year, some may be older. But I haven’t recorded them or played them anywhere yet, so you, faithful reader of this blog, will hear them first.

I’m starting off with, admittedly, a rather depressing number, but I enjoy this one for its emotion and simplicity. I also think the concept is unique. It’s based on Psalm 23, which is traditionally written about in an encouraging way. In the latter part of last year, I was struggling to see the green pastures and still waters and threw the idea around my mind of turning the famous Psalm from a hopeful declaration to a song of supplication. I like how it turned out and I hope you will too! Please feel free to leave me comments! Lyrics below:

Restore My Soul
Psalm 23
Words and Music by John Underdown

V1- I feel like I have too much want;
My pastures are not green.
I’m on the edge of a battle front,
I’m stuck in a horror scene.

V2-The waters beside me are not still,
The shadows are too deep.
Fears numb me with a biting chill;
I have no rest in sleep.

Chorus-Oh, restore my soul!
Restore my sanity!
My courage wanes everyday.
Oh, restore my soul!
Restore my gravity!
Before in death I pass away.

V3- Comfort is too far from me,
My table is now bare.
I’m ashamed before my enemy,
I’m burdened by my care.


Bridge-I look for my Shepherd in the glen,
Where He gathers His flock like a mother hen. (2x)


*Baratown Music 2018. All rights reserved.

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