Turning Into Dad: He’s Here!

This is a continuation of an on-going series of posts I’ve been running through the year. You can read the previous entry here.

Last week when I made my “Turning Into Dad” post about waiting for my son’s arrival, I knew the chances were good that that very day he could come. The day itself progressed so normally, little did I know it’d be the last day of life as just a family of two.

In the middle of the evening last Saturday my wife went into labor and when Sunday was barely two hours old our son was born. It’s been quite an adjustment and the labor/early days of life with our new guy didn’t go exactly as we had hoped, making fodder for future posts. But the big news is he’s here! And as we adjust to having him with us we uncover joys that make us happy he’s finally here.

I don’t plan on saying much more on the subject today. I know that’s being something of a tease, but I figure I’ll take it easy over the next couple weeks as we form a new routine with our son (specifically, pertaining to this creative outlet, when I can write posts). However, for those who have been following along with me on this journey over the past few months, I wanted to let you know that the next stage of development has been reached and the adventures (and posts) will only get better!


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