Song: Timothy’s Doxology

Before our little boy came along, I managed to record a song I’ve written recently. It’s called “Timothy’s Doxology” and is based off 1 Timothy 6:13-16. There, the apostle Paul is wrapping up some instructions to Timothy but temporarily sidetracks himself with a burst of praise for Jesus Christ. I thought the small section would […]

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Story: How Will You Go?

It’s time for a new College-Time Mystery! In this one, Bryan and John find themselves the victims as a mysterious man haunts their every move. Can they discover his identity before it’s too late? How Will You Go? Story by J.R. Underdown November swept in cold and wet, and with finals fast-approaching the weather seemed […]

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Turning Into Dad: He’s Here!

This is a continuation of an on-going series of posts I’ve been running through the year. You can read the previous entry here. Last week when I made my “Turning Into Dad” post about waiting for my son’s arrival, I knew the chances were good that that very day he could come. The day itself […]

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