Turning Into Dad: Any Day Now

This post is a continuation of a series I’ve been running this year once a month. The previous entry can be found here.

We are several days past the due date of our son. We’re not too worried as the date was never a sure one. But we are anxious.

The whole idea of pregnancy is an interesting one. You have 9 months to prepare and ready yourself for the arrival of the baby. You have a relatively set time frame in which the baby will come, so there’s a deadline at work. Pregnancy is fascinating when you consider that most things in life happen unexpectedly and often without much time to plan. Sure, you can plan for events like weddings or parties, but as far as medical procedures go giving birth is unique. You don’t have to see a doctor to find out you’re pregnant, but you know that in roughly 9 months you will need a doctor. Any other diagnosis contains a hazy future. Pregnancy is pretty set and predictable.

My wife and I often joke that it’s a good thing pregnancies last 9 months and not just a couple. We could use all the time we could get to prepare for the baby and also cherish the final days of this period of life. I think we see here God’s good timing and wisdom in designing the pregnancy period. Anything shorter than 9 months and we feel underprepared. Anything over and we’re both impatiently waiting for the infant’s arrival.

If it seems like I’m rambling about time and pregnancy, I apologize. It’s the thought in my head right now knowing that any day or at any time labor will begin and several hours of stress will follow. The bags are packed, the books are read, we’re for the most part mentally prepared. All that’s left now is waiting. Time. The ticking away of 9 months giving way to a lifetime with our son. Pregnancy is a curious thing. It’s God’s gift to us to prepare for a baby, but it also reminds us of the fleeting nature of time.

Is that baby here yet??


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