Turning Into Dad: It’s Getting Real

This is part of an on-going series this year about entering the role of father. You can see the previous post here.

My wife has entered her third trimester.

We are now under 10 weeks away from the arrival of our first child.

I’ve been excited the whole time to become a father, but when you’re at the beginning of the pregnancy you worry more about something going wrong. In the second trimester, things settle down some and life resumes some normalcy. I never forgot my wife was pregnant, but there was nothing pressing to takeover my mind. Now, though, we’re rounding third and heading for home. The final countdown commences.

My wife, thankfully, is a much better planner than I am and has slowly been working on things through the past couple months. By all counts, she’s more prepared than I in expectation of the baby. But with the due date drawing closer, I’m realizing it’s now or never in figuring out a plan for our baby.

Now is the time for conversations about discipline and how we’ll raise our child. Now’s the time to consider what kind of schedule we’ll put him on as he grows. Now we should be preparing ourselves for the great responsibility we’re undertaking. Granted, we don’t have to set everything in stone, but this is the prep time we’re given. Now is also the time to enjoy these final days of just the two of us.

So in thinking about this, I see the importance of using time wisely. This is something the Bible speaks on in the context of living a spiritual life for God. In this microcosm of pregnancy the lesson shines through profoundly. How am I using my time now before the baby is born? On the other side of pregnancy, will I regret how I used my time or be content? It’s getting real now, the time is short, things must come into focus. Our son will be better off for that.


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