Turning Into Dad: It’s Getting Real

This is part of an on-going series this year about entering the role of father. You can see the previous post here. My wife has entered her third trimester. We are now under 10 weeks away from the arrival of our first child. I’ve been excited the whole time to become a father, but when […]

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The Spiritual Kingdom of ‘Ben-Hur’

The classic tale of Lew Wallace’s┬áBen-Hur has been retold in several film adaptations over the past century, and after seeing the Charlton Heston-led version, I became interested in reading the source material. What I found was a meticulously researched tale of a Jewish boy caught in the wrong place at the wrong time sent into […]

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Demolition of the American Dream in ‘American Pie’

Most people have heard the song “American Pie” and some may realize it was the title track of Don McLean’s second album. Many have puzzled over the song’s meaning, and there’s plenty to chew on in the 8+ minutes of imagery and poetry the tune presents. However, a couple years ago, McLean decided to sell […]

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