Turning into Dad: The Servant Side

This is part of an ongoing series about fatherhood as I prepare to become a dad. The previous post can be found here.

Early on in the pregnancy process, I had to come to grips with a hard reality: I needed to pull more weight around the house.

Before the little life began in the womb, my wife headed up cooking and cleaning duties. I would help, but I always depended on her to take charge with those things. The first month of pregnancy, however, left my wife constantly fatigued. A certain level of frustration arose in both of us as the house grew cluttered and things weren’t getting done. I was willing to pitch in, but why can’t she do her share? She was wondering when I’d volunteer to do the laundry instead of laying out hints that the clothes needed to be washed.

Of course, things eventually came to a head. I had to realize that with a baby growing inside her, my wife wouldn’t be as active as before. She needed me to carry more weight and support her.

In Ephesians 5, Paul calls on husbands to love their wives as “Christ loved the church.” Jesus did this, Paul clarifies, by giving Himself up for her in His life, death, and resurrection. The implication is that husbands should give up their own lives for the woman they love. This means that they forsake selfishness and provide what their spouse needs.

So from the start of a marriage, a husband should be a servant to his wife. He should constantly be learning what support she requires. Admittedly, I should have been doing more for my wife even before the pregnancy started. I hadn’t fully embraced the servant side of my role as husband, and the importance of that role only increases as we await our first child.


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