‘The Beasts of Tarzan’ and the Burden of Fatherhood

The Beasts of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the third Tarzan book in a long series, wastes no time in getting its plot underway. Immediately we’re informed that Rokoff, a dangerous enemy from the previous novel, has escaped prison and is perhaps planning revenge on the Ape Man. Soon enough a letter comes informing Tarzan … More ‘The Beasts of Tarzan’ and the Burden of Fatherhood

Poem: Unsafe

After recently self-publishing a book of poetry, it awakened in me the desire to try and write poetry more often (as opposed to a handful over a decade). One poem I wrote shortly after President Trump’s election was the one below. People all over social media bewailed how unsafe they felt, whether rightly so or … More Poem: Unsafe