Song: Piles of Dust

‘Tis the weekend before Valentine’s Day and hopefully you have something sweet and romantic planned for your sweetheart. In case you don’t quite feel in the mood yet, I’ll share with you a little love song I wrote!

This was written early last year when my wife and I were going through a rough patch of having to make big decisions. I just finished Dante’s The Divine Comedy and felt inspired to take some of the imagery from the book and parallel it with our circumstances. The result is probably one of the odder romantic songs you’ll hear, but I think it conveys its point of keeping a perspective of brevity in life to help push us through the hard time.



Piles of Dust
Eccl. 3:20; Isaiah 40:6-7
Words and Music: John Underdown

V1- (Well) I think the full moon is toying with our emotions.
It whips up the waves and the tide of our oceans.
And I see a panther on the path ahead with a wolf by her side,
And the only hope to escape is have the Spirit as our guide.

Chorus- And we’re just piles of dust filled with soul;
And we don’t know how long the flower will grow
Before it burns like mist beneath the sun.
So until the end, you’re the one…you’re the one…

V2-(Well) we wait for the dawn so the sun will raise our spirits high,
And the banshees that wail in our home, we will hear them die.
Now I see a mountain rise strong before us, awaiting our climb;
But to reach the hopeful peak will take us, it’ll take us some time.            (Chorus)

Bridge- We’ll ascend until we see the throne appear…
And we’ll boldly approach it for, darling, there’s nothing to fear…


(In place of final “you’re the one,” replace with “I love.”)

*Baratown Music. 2016.

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