Honesty in Marriage and ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’

Last year I wrote a post based on┬áThe Scarlet Pimpernel, but I found the book so rich there was another theme I wanted to discuss aside from the one I handled in that previous post. I figured in this “month of love”, it’d be appropriate to write about it now. That said, I will also […]

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Turning into Dad: Miracles and Mercies

As I await fatherhood later this year, I plan on writing special posts in which I weigh certain thoughts that come to mind about being a dad. I’ll call this series┬áTurning into Dad. You can read the technical first post here. It was Thanksgiving weekend and barely a couple weeks after learning we were expecting […]

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Song: Piles of Dust

‘Tis the weekend before Valentine’s Day and hopefully you have something sweet and romantic planned for your sweetheart. In case you don’t quite feel in the mood yet, I’ll share with you a little love song I wrote! This was written early last year when my wife and I were going through a rough patch […]

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Story: Will You Marry Me?

It’s February and that means it’s the month of love! We’ll start off the lovely festivities with a story about a wedding. Yes, it’s time for another College-Time Mystery. The Grungers reunite to celebrate a wedding. But their detective skills are called into play when the bride goes missing! Enjoy! ——————————————————– Will You Marry Me? […]

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