A Plethoran Contest!

Stepping out of routine for a moment to give you a quick update and an opportunity to help me out!

New Wrinkle Publishing is conducting a contest in which authors can submit the synopsis (blurb) of their novel for a chance to win the grand prize. What is that prize? Not only is the book re-published with a new cover and illustrations, they will also make a soundtrack out of it!

So I decided to throw my hat into the ring and see what happens. Now Plethora is in the running to win that sweet prize. While I’m pretty happy with the book’s current cover, I’ve toyed with the idea of writing music for it in the past. I don’t really have the skill, time, or resources to do that, so if I can win a contest and have someone else do it for free, sign me up.

The question in your mind now is: can I do anything to help? Yes…and no.

You can head over to my contest page (click the button below that says ‘Vote for my story’) and cast your vote for it on the left hand side just above the blurb. And while there is a prize for having the most votes, it’s not the grand prize. However, voting does help draw attention to the blurb and maybe entice people to check the book out on Amazon. So giving me your vote is a good thing (and much easier than deciding who to vote for in the coming election).

Another way you can help me out is by going over to Plethora‘s page on Amazon and leaving a review if you’ve read the book. Giving it a 4 or 5 star rating along with a written review will help give the book more exposure and let other curious souls know that more than 3 people have read it and enjoyed it.

These are simple things, it’s true, but they go a long way toward helping Plethora succeed. Thanks in advance for your support!

P.S.- Check back in on Saturday for a post about something scarier than Halloween!


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