Peaceful Warfare

My senior year of high school I took part in a dodge ball tournement during Spirit Week. As I ran around the gym floor dodging hard-thrown orbs, I smiled at the exhilaration and thought, “You know, this is like warfare for high schoolers.” Think about it, you release all your aggression, you can lay the hurt on somebody, and in the end, you’re all still friends and students.

Listening to the Relevant podcast recently, they talked about the Olympics and pondered its importance in the world. One of the podcasters noted that the games have contributed to a decrease in war since citizens can vent their nationalism in a safe and peaceful way without killing anyone.

As I thought more on that I went back to that dodge ball melee during my glory days of youth. There is something valuable to sports. It’s a form of “peaceful warfare.” All these nations, most of whom are allies, some of whom have strained relations, they all convene on one location not to fight with bullets and bombs but with athleticism and skill.

So as you watch the various competitions, be thankful that we have a peaceful medium to fight in. Be glad that you’re watching a sporting event and not a report from the frontlines.


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