Learning How to Love with “The Four Loves”

I’ve been thinking lately about the love of God. I spent some months slowly studying through Ephesians in the Bible and Paul brings up God’s love for His people over and over again. This formed a question in my mind: I know God loves me, but do I feel like God loves me? In other words, is my head connecting with my heart on this topic?

I decided, then, in addition to meditating on it more, I would also look into C.S. Lewis’ The Four Loves. This short book examines some distinctions in love and also separates human love into 4 categories:

  1. Affection-This is the love we have for people whom we are connected to by chance, i.e. family.
  2. Friendship-This love develops between two people with strong common interests and forms a unique bond.
  3. Eros-As you might guess, this is “being in love” with someone, and not raw sexual appetite.
  4. Charity-A love best seen in the God of Christianity; this is unconditional, shown no matter the recipient or the circumstance.

I won’t spend time today trying to provide commentary to Lewis’ work. It’s worth reading on its own without me filling in my own thoughts on each love.

But the point I do want to make from my musings on the love of God and Lewis’ ruminations on love in general is that we have much to learn on this subject. We might think we know everything in our Information Age, but do we really know what love is? I see a culture confused by love, unable to grasp its pure meaning.

Do we understand the unique love we share with our family? How many people are we truly friends with? Is our view of erotic love skewed? Do we comprehend the charitable love of God and show it to our fellow man?

These are questions worth pondering, and they will take a lifetime to do so. But it’s good to constantly be a student to true love; and the best textbook, I believe, is the Bible and the example of love God shows us there.

Also, if you’re a fan of The Flash TV show, I wrote an article about the last season over on moviepilot.com! You can check out the article HERE.

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