A Sermon and A Song

This week on the blog I have a double-surprise for you!  First up is a little message I gave at a nursing home recently that I’d like to share with you. It’s much shorter than the last one so it might fit into your schedule easier. It’s based on Mark 2:1-12. Check it out: But […]

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Growing Up with “Captains Courageous”

Ask a sensible older person about the state of today’s children, and they would probably groan, roll their eyes, and bemoan how the current youth is wasted in selfish indulgence and expectation. One might argue that kids have always acted thus, but I think it’s fair to say that the attitude is getting worse, not […]

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Learning How to Love with “The Four Loves”

I’ve been thinking lately about the love of God. I spent some months slowly studying through Ephesians in the Bible and Paul brings up God’s love for His people over and over again. This formed a question in my mind: I know God loves me, but do I feel like God loves me? In other words, is my […]

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Sermon: Well-Spring of Joy

I have something a little different for you today. A couple weeks ago I was asked to do teaching for my church while the pastor was away. I tackled Philippians 4:4-7 and talked about joy. Feel free to listen in and see what you think! I hope it is enlightening and challenging for you. Bumper […]

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Becoming Human with Tarzan

There’s been an awakening in the jungle…can you feel it? This weekend, a new movie called The Legend of Tarzan was released to theaters, bringing the vine swinging hero of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ imagination back into the public conscience. Before I was even aware of the movie, I bought a collection of Tarzan short stories called The […]

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