Head West for a Good Read!

Ah June, the first official month of summer!

Many of you are making plans for vacations, spending time in the sun, relaxing in the A/C, and reading up on books and other good stories.

When I come into the hot months of summer, my mind wanders West. Images of cowboys drifting across a blazing desert plain with a tumbleweed blowing by in the foreground; sweat-stained men shooting guns at each other for land or freedom; fatigued men and women in search of adventure. You can find a wide variety of stories in Westerns that keep you pleasantly entertained over the next couple months.

One story that could help get you into the summery, wild West mood is “The Last Gunfighter Out of Dodge.” This is the first Western work I’ve completed and it is now up on frontiertales.com for the month of June. It’s a story about nostalgia, living in the past, and the final adventure of the last man to carry a real gun in historic Dodge City. When you’re done reading it, you can vote for the story on the main page. If the story receives the most votes for the month, it will be included at the end of the year in a collection the site will publish.

I would greatly appreciate your support and hope you enjoy this little Western yarn. Let me know here what you think!

(P.S.-I know I haven’t been publishing posts during the week, but this is a special occasion, after all. Expect a return to form this Saturday with a fresh new post about Don Quixote!)


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