“Plethora” and the Value of Fantasy

Happy Plethora Day weekend!

April 18th is Plethora Day, the day the events in Plethora take place. Here’s a special post to commemorate the weekend. Also, there is something free at the end of this entry!

When I started on Plethora, my fictional writing experience had been goofy mystery stories. As I sat down wanting to write something new, fantasy drew my interest largely because you don’t need much experience to write it. Not good with science? Who cares! Science is moot in fantasy. Never traveled the world? That’s okay! With fantasy, you create your own world. As a rather inexperienced college student, trying my hand at fantasy writing seemed like a good idea.

But another value of fantasy (and other genres of fiction, too) is its ability to say something true about life or present a worldview without saying it directly. Although I do open the book with my perspective on gender roles (you can read the first chapter for free here on the blog under the menu drop-down in the top right corner), I let the adventures that follow illustrate my point without having to expound on it with various arguments and philosophizing.

As I mentioned, other genres do this as well, whether it’s sci-fi, westerns, or even zombie stories. But fantasy has no bounds. Science fiction has to have some reasonable science in it, westerns need some historicity, and zombie stories largely limit themselves to present day or near future earth. Fantasy, though, can gleefully dip into a plethora of pools and use them to illustrate a theme. You can see this in other fantasy works, too, when the authors use the medium to tell a good story while also teaching a worldview.

This works well because it disarms the reader, no matter his/her point of view. I may not agree with an author on all points (if at all), but I can read his/her work and appreciate their view a little more easily than if they wrote a non-fiction work in which they blandly argue their point. So maybe you read the first chapter of Plethora and strongly disagree, that’s fine, you’re free to have an opinion. But read the rest of the work and maybe your disagreement will soften a few inches by the end.

However, if you don’t want to pay to read how I develop my point, you’re in a good place this Plethora Day weekend as the ebook version is available for free on Amazon today through Monday! Download the book, give it a read, and let me know what you think. If you have read the book, leave a review on Amazon or tell me about it here.

No matter what you do, have a happy Plethora Day!


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