Conceptions of Heaven in Dante’s “Paradiso”

In recent decades, books and movies have been released detailing experiences people claim to have had in which they died temporarily and went to heaven (case in point: Miracles from Heaven debuted this weekend). Whether or not these accounts are 100% credible is not my point for today, but rather to point out that people have […]

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Doctrine as Tapestry in Dante’s “Purgatorio”

Reading through Dante’s Inferno was a hard task for me for a number of reasons. But one of the biggest roadblocks that hindered enjoying the work more was a sort of theological snobbery. I couldn’t help looking at Dante’s description of hell and noting how awful it was from a doctrinal/biblical standpoint. Who would really think […]

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Wrestling with Dante’s “Inferno”

A couple years ago I picked up a copy of Dante’s Divine Comedy and started reading through it one book a year. Having recently finished the collection, I’ll share my thoughts on the different sections over the next couple weeks. Dante’s Inferno opens on Dante (who is the main character) as he wanders through scary woods and chased by […]

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