Looking for Someone to Love

As you probably know, February 14 is Valentine’s Day, a time when loving couples buy each other flowers and candy and cards and otherwise show their love for each other. It’s also known as Singles Awareness Day (SAD) for all the people who don’t have that significant other in their life.

Having seen both sides of the coin of love, I know the feelings involved. I used to roll my eyes at Valentine’s decor, while secretly pining for someone to share the day with. Now, I look forward to having a special weekend with my wife. But, I find, no matter which side you land on, the desire is the same: you want love.

The loving couple want to see and show affection for each other; the single person longs for any affection at all. Everyone in the world wants someone to love them, even the stoniest of hearts holds this desire in its deep recesses. From the hard-bitten corporate billionaire to the disgruntled blue-collar worker to the terrorist hiding in the Arabian desert, all long for love and all need love.

I think it’s easy to acknowledge this common trait among humans, the longing for love, but do we often consider the necessity of love? In every major social setting (work, school, church, etc.) you can peg the person that nobody likes to talk to, they just have that lonely look. They’re socially awkward, sometimes selfish, maybe not too hip or funny, but it doesn’t negate the fact that they need love, too.

As we celebrate a day of love, let me challenge you to think outside your box and show some much-needed love to those deficient recipients around you. This should go without saying especially if you’re a Christian, since the world will know we are Christ’s disciples by our love (John 13:35).


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