Poetry Preview: Zebras Talk too Much (Usually)

Yes, I’m working on a poetry collection…still working on it. I’m almost done with material that needs to be added to it, at which point it will jump to the editing stage. I will certainly give you more updates as they become available. To tide you over some, I would like to share a little behind the scenes stuff on the book along with a poem that will be in it.

As I compiled the poems together, I realized I almost had a poem starting with each letter of the alphabet. Only 7 or 8 letters were missing. I slowly worked my way to z. I’d been handling the issue by thinking of the next letter I was on, coming up with a title, and then thinking of content. With z, though, I couldn’t think of any good titles. Thus, I turned to facebook asking for titles starting with z. There were several great entries, almost all were silly, but I finally settled on one…and that is….

Zebras Talk too Much (Usually)

We passed through a wave of autumn leaves
That rustled on the hardened ground.
We pulled our collars up to the chilly breeze
That whipped around and around.
You say it’s nothing serious (seriously);
I say the Pope ain’t Catholic (impiously).

We ducked into a coffee shop and hit restart,
Words percolating to fever pitch.
I confess, I don’t know your woman’s heart,
And that may be the endless itch.
You say it’s simple to understand (naively);
But is it like the back of your hand (simply)?

The sun is waning and its beams lay low,
The crowd swells and recedes.
You suddenly declare that you must go,
Defeat I must concede.
You say we’re just out of touch (casually);
And I say zebras talk too much (usually).
So what do you think? Have any other good titles that start with z?


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