Reflections on 2015–Out of the Wasteland

I’ve been a little busy with blogging this past week…so much so my traditional “Reflections” post got pushed back some. I’ll start off by pointing you to the song I feel best encapsulates the year in my mind: “Wasteland” by NEEDTOBREATHE.

You might look at the title to the song (and even this post) and then listen to the song and think that I had a terrible, depressing year. I’ve seen better years, yes, but it wasn’t so bad as the song/title might make it out to seem. It’s a fitting song, though, because in many ways 2015 was a “wasteland” of a year; not much happened in it, the 12 months were basically a repeat of things that happened in 2014. There were a lot of dry periods with many moments of uncertainty and doubt in various forms. At times I felt like I was indeed drifting through a wasteland and wondered if anyone else lived in such a place.

But the song is also fitting because it is, at its heart, very hopeful. And while 2015 had its share of valley exploration, I always had a sense of hope that grew like the sunrise as the year stumbled to its end. I knew God to be on my side, could see the cracks in the door filled with light. There were high points and moments of victory, love, and learning. My marriage grew stronger, the flame of faith burned a little brighter, and I learned not to push myself too hard when it comes to work unless I also give myself adequate time to breathe.

Now, emerging into a new year with plenty of challenges ahead, I feel very hopeful and expectant of things to come in the near future. The road my wife and I will travel in our marriage, the potential creative and career journeys that could open suddenly, the uphill climb toward that blessed Kingdom and the King who dwells there.

2015 may pass quietly, but it was not hated. It was a year of growth for me and my wife, as we learned more about each other, God, and adulthood. We look forward to what the New Year will bring.


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