What I Would Give for Christmas–A New Song

The cliche thing for musicians/artists to do around the holiday season is to either a) cover an old Christmas classic, and/or b) write an original tune that doesn’t quite stack up to the classics but was a worthwhile try anyway.

My intention had been to present to you both of these. Time and the busyness of the season prevented that from happening, but I did manage to get half of that equation complete… And so I present to you an original Christmas tune that pales in comparison to classics like “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!” or “White Christmas” or “Grandma Got Runover by a Reindeer,” but was a worthwhile try anyway. I present to you, “What I Would Give for Christmas.”

The idea behind the song started early this December  when feeling rather distant and disconnected from the holiday season. My initial reaction was to think how much better off I’d be if I was like the shepherds who met Jesus on His first night here. But, as I tried to be honest with myself, I realized that, as a Christian, His Spirit is within me and that makes me closer to Him than even the shepherds, who, though they met Him personally, couldn’t take Him with them. Indeed, He is Immanuel, God with us, and He is with me. Enjoy the song!

What I Would Give for Christmas
Luke 2:8-20; 1 Peter 1:8-12

V1- To be a shepherd on the grass
While overhead the angels pass,
And proclaim that in Bethlehem
Is born a King, a holy Lamb.
What would I give to join that band
Who saw God’s glory bright and grand?
I’d grant my heart and nothing less;
That’s what I would give for Christmas!

V2- To join my brothers on the run,
To glimpse this gift, God’s only Son.
What joy to find the manger scene!
What hope to meet this newborn King!
What I would give to know that night,
And kneel down at the Baby’s side;
Bask in the Sun of Righteousness,
Oh, what I would give for Christmas!

V3- Though far removed I am from then,
And many centuries there’ve been,
Perhaps I’m closer to the Christ
Than were those shepherds on that night.
Though heav’n and earth be far apart,
Yet Jesus rests within my heart.
That dear union I’ll ever bless;
Oh, what I would give for Christmas!
Oh, what I would give for Christmas!


Merry Christmas to all!


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