New Song–Get Low

Lately, I’ve been keeping you pretty up to speed on my writing ventures, which is more natural here on the blog because a) I write the blog posts, and b) usually nothing else of note is happening.

No more!

I finally have an update from the realm of music! I recently put up a new song on Soundcloud, which you can listen to here. It’s a somewhat rough demo, but it gets its point across. The song is called “Get Low” and was written earlier in the year.

The thought behind it had been stewing in my brain (i.e.-why is it I can’t get anywhere in life?), and finally, one night, my wife and I watched the movie Get Low, which is a somewhat sad, thought-provoking movie. As I ruminated on the movie’s themes of death and how we live our lives, I started realizing that we all run this “rat race” and find frustration in it. I was slowly getting the message God was trying to convey to me…maybe I don’t have to find fulfillment in some great thing I do…maybe I should slow down, be patient, wait on God, and live life as Christ taught us to. Maybe then I’ll feel a little less stressed and weary.

I’ll post the lyrics below, but be sure to check out the audio and let me know what you think!

Get Low

Prov. 16:25, 19:21, 20:24; Eph. 3:20-21
Words and Music: John Underdown

V1- Everybody’s trying to find their lot in life,
Spend their whole life trying to find it.
From building a career to landing a wife;
They want the perfect puzzle piece to fit.
Their road keeps going on and on
‘Til it ends up in a casket.
Turning over rocks until it’s gone,
And their old bones give up the spirit.

Chorus- But You know my ways,
You know my heartbeat,
My measure of days,
And the wand’ring of my feet.
But for all of these things, what I need to know,
Is how to be patient and to get low.

V2- Now some people are clouds and some are rain,
Some are just destined to fall.
While some seem to float above the pain,
Others hit the ground and crawl.
Some are born for greatness,
But most for the lower call.
Still, all want to have a taste of the riches
And to rise above the squall.                            Chorus

V3-Now me, I always wanted a piece of the limelight,
But I had to admit I was too poor.
‘Cause even though I stay warm on the cold night,
My greedy heart still wants more.
But Your plan is much greater,
So I’ll leave mine on the floor.
Give me the towel to be the waiter,
I won’t count it as a chore.


*Baratown music. ’15.


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