A New Season

Greetings! I think it’s time for a little update.

The first thing you probably noticed is that the blog itself is updated. This format is a little more professional looking and streamlined (read: It looks cool). You can still find the archives under the menu button in the top right corner, along with the different pages I have set up.

The name, which you may or may not have noticed, is also different: A Season For Everything. The name is taken from the opening verses of Ecclesiastes 3, which notes the different seasons of life that one goes through. Life is consistently inconsistent, as far as we can see, so there are always a wide range of topics to cover. In my life, there’s music, writing, theology, culture, and simple living. And this blog will be the place where you can read my thoughts on all of those. So join me in this new “season” of blogging and let’s see where the current takes us!

The reasons behind this change are two-fold: 1) It felt like it was time to spruce things up here. 2) I’ll begin promotions for my next book, Seasons So Far, soon and figured a similarly themed blog would do better.

Speaking of Seasons So Far, my first book of poetry is coming along slowly. Partly because I’m also trying to start up things in the music sphere, but also partly because I realized I wanted to take some more time in crafting the book. It’ll take more work than I initially thought, and I think giving it more of a cushion will be better in the long run. I’d say expect the book by next Spring some time. I’ll give official updates here as they arise.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you’ll enjoy what comes next!


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