Poem Preview: The Battle Anew

As I’ve announced previously on this blog, my next big writing project is a collection of poetry I’ve written over the past decade. Lately, I’ve been typing up some poems and will soon begin the weeding out process of who will stay and who will go. This one, written while a freshman in high school, is in contention. What do you think? Thumbs up? Or thumbs down?

The Battle Anew
By J.R. Underdown

Can you hear the sacred battle cry?
Up in arms, all sisters, brothers!
There’s no escape, the battle’s nigh.
We must fight for others.

Arm yourself, train and prepare.
We’ve waited too long to fight.
We can withstand this deadly air;
With God, we can face the night.

Can you sense the battle anew?
It’s rising day by day.
Hear its growl, what will you do?
You can’t step from its way.

So draw your sword, if you’re with us,
We’ll fight side by side.
We’re washed by the blood of Jesus;
He can turn the tide!

But, oh God, who will go?
Who’s brave enough to stand?
You’re children act as if they don’t know,
Arouse their hearts with Your hand.

A spark, a flame is what we need
To awaken our hearts again.
Oh dear Lord, hear my plead!
Take us away from sin.

Confusion, though around us blows,
Can’t stop the cause of God.
Why be afraid? For He knows
What ground, tomorrow, we’ll trod.

And finally, Lord, help me to rise
And lead others to the fight.
May I be brave, and open my eyes
So that You may cut the night.

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