Summer Tunes

With Memorial Day behind us, that means summer is coming into its own. What can make your summer even better is having the right tunes to bear you through the long hot days and dark muggy nights. Here’s a list of 10 albums I own that I think make for a great summer soundtrack…

1) Suburba (House of Heroes)- While pretty much every House of Heroes album is a “summer” album, this gem is the epitome of them. There’s a loose story running throughout adding to its draw. Surefire hits include “Independence Day for a Petty Thief”, “Salt in the Sea”, and “Relentless”.

2) When I Was Younger (Colony House)- This amazing album came out last summer and it was the one that defined my waning days of the season. It starts off with 80’s tinged tunes like “Silhouettes”, moves into heavier rock territory with “Keep On Keeping On”, and mellows out nicely with introspective cuts like “Moving Forward”.

3) Summer EP (Jon Foreman)- All of his seasonal EP’s are worth looking into and this one gives the perfect soft touch to the summer months with “A Mirror is Harder to Hold”, “Resurrect Me”, and “Deep in Your Eyes”.

4) Poems, Prayers, and Promises (John Denver)- Another softer album to balance out the rockers. Crank up your car radio to “Take Me Home, Country Roads” or wish you were in the Rockies with “I Guess He’d Rather Be in Colorado”. The longing apparent on this album could be the perfect prep album for vacation!

5) Almeria (Lifehouse)- Okay, I don’t own this album in full, but I have listened to it on Spotify frequently. It has a more “western” feel to it and, along with the sweet cover art, makes it an easy choice for the summer, especially with songs like “Between the Raindrops”, “Right Back Home”, and “Gotta Be Tonight”.

6) Wake Up Call (Petra)- I had to fit Petra on here somewhere! This album comes with some scorching Southern-fried rockers like “Midnight Oil”, “Strong Convictions”, and “Underneath the Blood”.

7) The Eleventh Hour (Jars of Clay)- Of all their albums, I associate this one the most with summer for a number of reasons. It has a good balance of rockers (like “Revolution”), quiet moments (“Silence”), and anything in between (“I Need You”).

8) The Peace of Wild Things (Paper Route)- A fine album for any season, this one lends itself to summer as well with sing-out-loud hits like “Two Hearts” and “You and I” and mellower cuts like “Sugar”.

9) ‘Til We See the Shore (Seabird)- I’m sure I’ve mentioned this album before, but it’s just that good. From the bouncy opener “Black and Blue” to the driving “Let Me Go On” to the dance-worthy cut “Maggie Mahoney”, spin this record and you’ll be rocking out this summer.

10) Vessel (Twenty One Pilots)- I’m not a huge rap fan, but this group rides a good balance of rap/electronic/pop. The sheer amount of energy this album carries is worth some summer listens. “Holding on to You”, “House of Gold”, and “Screen” should be checked out.

Honorable Mention:

11) Everything Will Be Alright in the End (Weezer)- Again, don’t own this album, but I’m close to buying it. The tracks are great and will give you the pep you need for every turn of summer. Highlights include “Back to the Shack”, “Da Vinci”, and “The British are Coming”.

What are some albums/tracks you’ll be spinning this summer?


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