The Price of Fame

In 1996, a song was released that propelled a lowly band called “The Verve Pipe” into being one of the great one-hit wonders of the 90’s: “The Freshmen.” The song is basically about misbegotten youth, beginning with an abortion, continuing with a suicide, and ending with the ugly aftermath of broken relationships. It’s a chilling, gripping […]

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Behind “Plethora Day”

If you’ve read through the novel Plethora, you probably noted that the date the book takes place on is April 18th, 2008. If you look on the calendar for that year, you’ll notice it’s on a Friday, a natural date for a prom night. You probably didn’t think the date too consequential…but is it? I believe […]

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Happy Plethora Day Weekend!

Happy Plethora Day Weekend, everyone! What is “Plethora Day”, you may be wondering? Plethora Day is April 18th, the day (or night) the story inside Plethora takes place. To celebrate, I’m giving away the ebook version for FREE on Amazon! You have until Monday to download your free edition if you don’t already have it on your […]

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Plethora on Paper!

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night sweating because you wish Plethora was in paperback form? Or maybe you’re a traditional type of reader who would rather read a printed book instead of a lighted screen? Well, let the thought trouble you no more, for you now have an option! I am […]

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