Songs of My Life

While in college I was introduced to the world of iTunes. I thought it was a great music listening tool and well designed. I soon discovered the art of making playlists off of my library and started several that served no purpose.

But then one day I thought of an idea. The Songs of My Life. I’m not sure how it exactly came together, but the gist was this: Create a playlist of songs that best describe, or were huge parts of, the different stages of my life. I determined a good starting point and built up the list to the current time. Since then, I’ve updated the list to over 100 songs.

How does it work? Well, first you pick the year or “time” you want to start. I chose the beginning of my Christian walk/junior high because that was when music became more influential on me. I had a host of songs to choose from and to this day it’s still the largest section of the list. I then broke it down by grade. Freshman, sophomore, junior, then senior years. After that I separated it by college semesters and summers in between. Since leaving that structured life, I go by the year.

So now I have a list that I can listen to starting from junior high up to the present day. The benefits of this are numerous. For starters, I can reminisce about my life with music as a sort of guide. I can remember how that song was a huge comfort to me or how that song brings up good memories of certain days. It also shows me how I’ve grown. Before I put the list together, I had never noticed how from 8th-10th grade, life was pretty simple. I was on fire for Jesus and my focus was singular. Then, by my junior year I start wading into the murky waters of growing up and facing social pressures, all this evidenced by how the songs turned from being cheerful and encouraging to emotional and dark.

I recommend this idea to you. It’s a great way to remember your past and gives perspective. If you have any questions about the process, feel free to leave a comment!


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