Who Needs Jesus? Part 4: The Humble Savior

Can you believe it? Christmas 2014 is upon us! The end of Advent draws near and so does this special Advent Series, “Who Needs Jesus?” We’ve figured out that we need Jesus. I’ve been attempting to flesh out why we need Him with the past few posts and now I come to my final attempt.

I want to talk about Christ as a humble Savior. This is probably an overlooked aspect about Christmas. The fact that God became flesh and was born in a smelly manger is enough to drop your jaw over. He didn’t come with trumpets blaring and a heavenly red carpet rolling on before Him, He came like us (mostly), being conceived (by the Holy Spirit), borne by the virgin Mary, and had a birthday. He became flesh…human.

But perhaps the great weight of this fact has a hard time sticking in your brain. To help you in this, we’ll look at Philippians 2:5-11, the quintessential passage on the “Humiliation of Jesus.”

Paul’s larger point in the passage is to encourage unity through humility. He gives us Jesus as the prime example of humility. Here is God. God the Son. He was (/is) God. That must be understood. He had nothing to prove, owed nobody anything. But He knew what had to be done to save His rebellious creation. So He made the most heroic act in history, He, God, became human. Finite, limited, weak, humble human.

But He wasn’t born to a rich family with lots of wealth and prestige, He was born to a poor family with no wealth or prestige save that His earthly parents were direct descendants of King David. He came to serve us, serve us to the point of dying on the cross so we could have redemption. It was the most humiliating, yet profound sacrifice ever made. Because of that, His glory is all the greater.

So when you think of the little Babe in the manger, tended only by rough-hewn shepherds, think of the great humility it took for Him to get there. Think of how the King of the universe, the Creator, became one with His creation and lived so He could die for them and secure their salvation to any who believe. Let us remember our humble Savior this Christmas and look forward to His exalted return!


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