A Plethoran Gift for You



Hello, hello! I’ve been blogging more lately than I have in quite some time. I haven’t been blogging about Plethora though, so let me step in for a quick update.

The biggest, most current thing is that Plethora is available for FREE on the Amazon Kindle website for the entire week (through Friday). This is good for you if you need a cheap, last minute gift! Or if you just want it for your own viewing pleasure, you can do that, too! A free app for reading Kindle books on any electronic device is also available.

The second big piece of news is that Plethora should be available in paperback form soon! I’ll give you the exact details on when you can grab your copy as soon as I know! So stay tuned and check back here for updates!

Thanks for reading! Have a Merry Christmas! And look for my next new post on Christmas Eve!


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