Plethoran Noise (Trade)

Well some exciting news in the world of Plethora! This week the ebook is being featured on Noise Trade (!

What is Noise Trade? It began as a site that gave away artists’ music for free in return for downloaders’ email addresses. The whole idea was that the artist would gain new fans that would want to spread the word about the artist’s work (past, present, and future). It took off and has blown up to feature acts such as The Civil Wars, fun., and Young the Giant, among other indie bands. Within the past year, they decided to branch out to the ebook market and created the Noise Trade Books division. The concept remains the same. You can download an ebook for free, and (if you want) leave a tip or promote the author/book on facebook, twitter, or email. It’s a great idea and a great resource.

Such a great idea and resource that I had to jump on board and do some serious noise trading. I already have music on the site, so adding a book wasn’t a big deal. But something that I’m doing with the book that’s different from the music is that the book is being featured in the weekly newsletter and on the Noise Trade Books homepage under “New & Notable!” So head on over and check this awesome site out and maybe download an ebook or two (make one of those mine)!

The link for the homepage is in the 1st paragraph, here’s the link to my page:

And here’s the link to the newsletter:

Enjoy! And thanks for the support!

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