A Big Day in Plethora!

I’m not the blogger I used to be. Life’s gotten busy, but my wife and I are starting to find our balance and focus on Plethora and…other works. So check back every now and then to find out what’s going on…and today, alot of things are going on…..

First up, I’ve freshened up the blog with a sleek new theme and finally changed the name in the process to “Plethoran Musings.” Why the name change? As creative (and funny) as “Huggbees” was, I felt like I should try and give the blog a more pointed name, settle on a theme. Well, I couldn’t. Frankly, I enjoy the free rein to talk about whatever I feel like. But, as I’ve been talking alot about Plethora lately, I figured I should rename it to coincide with that. The great thing about “Plethoran Musings”, though, is that I can update you on Plethora but also still talk about whatever I want! Great, huh? So enjoy my future musings and maybe take a trek back in time to some previous posts. You never know what you might discover! I also plan on updating the “About Me” page…along with maybe adding a couple other pages devoted to certain types of writing.

Next up, and this is the truly exciting thing, this Wednesday is the one year anniversary of the publishing of Plethora for the Amazon Kindle. Surprisngly, it’s still up there! Such a milestone deserves a little celebration. So, guess what? The book is free  from tomorrow through Wednesday! If, for some reason, you’ve held out on downloading a copy, then now’s your chance. If a reason you held out was because you didn’t have a Kindle, hold out no more for there’s an app for that! It’s a free app that’s easy to download and setup. Here’s the link:

That’s all I’ve got for now, but check back soon for more exciting updates and interesting blog posts!

Ah yes, and here’s the link to the whimsical book of Plethora:



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