Captain America & Peace

When Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out, my wife and I went to see it since the Disney Marvel franchise has caught our interest. In the climax of the film (spoiler warning here), Nick Fury meets up with old friend-turned-nemesis Alexander Pierce and the two have a discussion about peace and what it takes to obtain peace. And so you have two viewpoints on how to obtain it:

1) Captain America and the “true” SHIELD’s way: obtain peace by preserving life, whether through diplomacy or any other peaceful avenue.

2) Pierce/HYDRA’s way: obtain peace through fear and ruthless intimidation.

It’s interesting how the film pits these two worldviews against each other, because you can see the flaws in both ways (Fury and Pierce gladly point them out to each other). Diplomacy doesn’t always work or it’s too slow, but ruling through fear and intimidation isn’t freedom, you simply make people feel insecure so they turn to you and surrender their freedom for help. But if both ways are flawed, then who is more in the right?

While Captain America 2 brings this issue to the forefront, it’s really the dilemma in all hero movies. Sure, the good guys always win out in the end, but evil still lingers. Peace may be bought for a little time, but a diligent defense will have to be made of it…otherwise it will never be secure.

So is that it, then? Will good and evil constantly be at each other’s throat till the end of time? Pretty much. But peace will win out in the end and is winning now, not through human (or superhuman) efforts, but through the one effort of Jesus Christ. When He died and rose again, he made “peace with God” possible (Romans 5:1). And at a future date that is quickly coming, Christ will bring final, absolute, secure peace to all His beloved and confine sin and evil to destruction forever (see Revelation 19 & 20).

Just as the film pits the characters (and in some ways, the audience) in a choice over what side they’ll stand on, the Bible asks you the same question, will you fight for peace on the side of Christ or defer to a clever counterfeit in sin?


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