A May Day Poem

Well, first off, thank you to everyone who participated in the Plethora Day weekend celebration! It was a pretty successful weekend with a lot of give-aways, so thank you for making it happen!

Next, I’d like to wish you a happy May Day! What is May Day?

“Why, that’s the Russian new year! We’ll have a big parade and serve hot hor d’oeuvres!”-Johnny from “Airplane!”

Anyways, last year, I wrote my wife (who was not my wife at the time) a May Day poem. This year, I’ll share it with you.


In summer’s waning days we found
A ray of hope for happiness.
And while Death reigned all around,
We set our eyes on bliss.

As Winter’s hand greedily gripped
All the world in cold,
We refused to let our hearts be ripped,
And talked of growing old.

With the first great light of Spring,
Buds came to the trees.
We knew that whate’er the year would bring,
We’d stand against the breeze.

But there was trickery in Nature’s way,
Winter returned to fight.
In despair we wondered if the day
Would come with joyous light.

In fear we lifted our heads to see
If life lay in the soil.
And then the doubt came to be:
Will love ever be loyal?

But our story isn’t ended, has no casket,
It has not lost its way.
It grows like flowers in a basket
Given on a May Day.

So let me hold your hand, my dear,
‘Til we see the golden shore.
Soon we’ll see this smoke will clear,
And find the proper door.

‘Cause love is worth the fight, the pain,
Its wisdom who can repay?
It’s like the fertile ground we gain
After the sweet May Day.
Hope you enjoyed it! Next post should be about Captain America…we’ll see. Stay tuned!


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