The Origins of Plethora

The idea for Plethora began in a bathroom.

I was in high school (either a junior or senior) and went on a bathroom break during class one day. For the four minutes that I was in there, I concocted this idea where a guy goes into a school bathroom (I don’t know where this genius beginning came from) and walks into one of the stalls. As soon as he shuts and locks the door, all the other openings are closed up with steel panels. A lone light shines overhead and a voice says, “Sit on the toilet.” He reluctantly obeys. As soon as his posterior is on the seat, chains and manacles spring out and grab him by the wrist and ankles. The voice tells him he’s going off to a magical land and the toilet and teen fall back into the wall. When the guy comes to, he’s in a colorful forest in a land called “Plethora,” with a talking snake and some hyper, fuzzy, Muppet-like creature.

My imagination was just that vivid…or stupid.

I thought the whole idea was ridiculous and promptly shoved it into the trash bin of my mind as I shoved paper towels into the restroom trash can. I never gave much thought after that until I was in college. It was the first month of my first semester, and I couldn’t think of anything decent to write. I had just wrapped up a mystery short-story series filled with inside-jokes from high school and was now looking to write something a little more accessible for the world. I wanted to write in a genre I wasn’t familiar with…but what would I write about?

The whimsical world of Plethora came back to my mind, but I knew the original idea would need to be re-worked. The bathroom thing was a little juvenile. I would also need a good story behind the characters. Then I thought of two high school seniors, ready to be free from their high school confines, heading to a prom to forget the world…and then getting side-tracked into a completely different world. As I feverishly developed the idea in my head and thought it out, I knew I had the makings of my next novel.

It took a little over a year of writing between classes and work and on breaks, but I finally completed the manuscript. It took another couple of years to type and edit it multiple times and get it ready for publishing on the Amazon Kindle. Now, here at last for you to enjoy is Plethora.

And if you haven’t enjoyed it yet, you can download it for free here:
If you don’t have a Kindle, that’s allright. There’s an app you can download for free as well. You can get that here:

Go grab your free edition of Plethora from now through tomorrow! Thanks for the support!

Also, in case you’re curious why I chose “Plethora” as the title for the land, you can thank “The Three Amigos” for introducing me and a friend to the word, which led us to saying it quite profusely…As for how the title relates to the story, I’ll save that for a later post!


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