The Origins of Plethora

The idea for Plethora began in a bathroom. I was in high school (either a junior or senior) and went on a bathroom break during class one day. For the four minutes that I was in there, I concocted this idea where a guy goes into a school bathroom (I don’t know where this genius […]

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Plethora and Good Friday

Happy Good Friday! And Happy Plethora Day! (Don’t forget, you can download the book for free here in celebration) In the grand scheme of things, the two aren’t connected. But there is a reference to the events of Good Friday in the story. It comes in chapter 9, titled “Religion in Plethora.” The whole chapter […]

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A Plethoran Easter!

Happy Plethora Day Eve, everybody! What is Plethora Day? Why, it’s the day that the events in¬†Plethora take place. That’s right, Friday¬†April 18th, 2008. What’s significant about this year is that the 18th falls on a Friday again. So, to celebrate, I’m giving away the book for FREE all weekend long, starting tomorrow! If you’ve […]

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The Coming of Spring

Well it seems like Spring is finally coming to KC. So I thought I’d write a poem for the occasion. Enjoy! The Coming of Spring The grass was so brown, the trees so bare; We’d been so long in that wintry air. No blossom bloomed, and all were afraid That Springtime in its casket was […]

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