A Plethoran Blurb

Plethora_001_FINAL-SMALLWell, now that married life is in full swing, the hectic holidays are past, and life in general is settling down, I need to re-focus my efforts on promoting a little book called Plethora. My goal is to write more posts here about the book, such as background, explaining themes, and so on. To start, I’m going to post a little blurb originally published on an old tumblr blog I had (and gave up after awhile..). Hope this intrigues you enough to buy the book! Remember, it’s only 99 cents!

So what is Plethora besides being a novel I wrote? Well it’s a fantasy…but it’s also an action-adventure tale…and a humorous tale…mixed with mystery,romance, allegory, satire,and the like. It’s really supposed to be a spoof about the fantasy genre in general,but also explores why boys and girls act the way they do. It’s about these two high school seniors who go to prom as “just friends” and in the process are semi-forced into going into this strange land called “Plethora” where they must save the King before they can come back. The King is off fighting a war in a mountain and no one has heard from him in a month. The Queen just died and so our two young protaganists (who happen to be the Prince and Princess) are sent to find out what’s happening with the King.

Of course, the mountain is on the opposite side of the land, lying at the southernmost tip, while the castle (where they’ve entered) is located at the northernmost tip. Thus a quest fraught with danger and peril is bound to ensue. Along the way they meet various diverse people groups and visit places with very uninspiring names. But for all of this the two begin to see how much they care for each other and how much they need each other.

So will love begin to bloom? Will they be able to save the King? What is Plethora anyway?

To find the answers,you must read the book….



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