Reflections of ‘013

Well, I’m a couple days late on this (past) year’s reflections post, but oh well.

If I could summarize the year in one phrase, it would be, “Well that went fast.” Indeed, I think I barely had a chance to breathe since January 1 of 2013 and next thing I knew it was January 1 of 2014. There were several times when I blinked this past year and it was a new month. Once I nodded off and woke up married!

Ok, that’s a little hyperbole, but ‘013 did scoot by rather fast. I began the year in Kentucky, working off and on for a traveling job installing electric fences. More importantly, I was in love with the woman I hoped to marry. We were doing a long-distance relationship with plenty of memories when in the spring I made a huge decision: leave Kentucky for Kansas City, MO. And off I went. And it nearly killed me.

No kidding. I moved into this tiny place I dubbed “The Binky” and, unbeknownst to me, the furnace was leaking gas. I had a little reaction (read: I almost died) and once we figured out that issue, the only major problems with the place were the ants, the pill bugs, the snakes, the worms, the gnats, the salamanders, the mice, and an evil army of spiders that were fed by the bowels of…heck. But the cheery side of this time (spring and summer) was that the relationship with my love was growing, I joined a church, and I published a novel! (Plethora, get it here for only 99 cents!

By the end of summer, the next big moment came: I got engaged. To a woman. To be married…to my wife! At this point, 2013 punched in the NOS and off we shot, running ragged for 3 months straight through the autumn until we were married in November. After a short honeymoon, we returned to our apartment (we, regrettably, did not stay in the Binky) and began the tedious process of settling in and celebrating the holidays.

Even those passed by rapidly and in came the New Year before we had a chance to raise a toast to the old one. So maybe ‘014 will pass by a little slower…maybe I won’t want that. It’s probably a good thing that the previous year sped by as it did. It may have been one of my most stressful years on record, but oh well, better to hurry through all that relational awkwardness, get married, and start fresh with the new year anyway.

In years’ past, I’ve ended with a list of “wishes” that I have for the coming year. Well, this year I have fulfillments! I finally got published and finally found a wife and got hitched with her. God has been good to us. And I hope that by the end of 2014 I can add more praise to the foundation that’s been laid in 2013.

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