The Future

Well, here I am, sitting at a kitchen table strewn with wedding cards, gift cards, and thank you notes. A heavy silver ring lies lazily on my left index finger. Piled in front of my book shelf are boxes of books and things that I never bought. On the whole, though, the apartment looks much nicer than it did a couple weeks ago. Yep, I’m a married man now.

It’s hard to believe really. Ever since high school I dreamed about marriage and longed for it. I had a couple of times where I was sure I’d never get married, but those times didn’t last long and I kept my eyes peeled to find the woman God would bring into my life to the end. Now that has happened, and on a cold November night I exchanged vows and rings with that woman and we went home together to begin life as “one flesh.”

We had a fantastic time on our honeymoon, hiding away in the Ozarks for a week. But once we returned I had to grasp the situation. I had put it well out of my mind and simply accepted that I was now married. But the return of reality forced me to work it through in my mind and understand. I have officially stepped into the “future.” This is not a relationship that will end in a year or two. This is a life that we’ve started. And that’s an overwhelming thing (especially for a guy like me who thinks too much). But the future is only scary because we don’t know what it holds. The past is a fixed mark, but the future? The main comfort I find is that the future is no mystery to God. He knows the times and seasons and what transpires in all of them, past, present, and future.

So there’s no need to worry about the future. Marriage is a great union and I look forward to many days with my wife. The future seems a little scary, but, by God’s grace, we’ll make it through.

Here’s a poem about the future that I wrote in high school. I think it’s appropriate to the situation.

The Future
Such cherishable times these are!
They shine brighter than the average star.
Who would want to leave such a place?
Here we find delight’s embrace.

But we must leave, we cannot stay.
If we did, we’d rob a day.
And the tapestry would quietly burn,
While our minds would cease to learn.

An eerie quiet falls in our hearts,
A slight hurt, pierced by darts.
The future awaits, must we go
And walk the hills we do not know?

And the mantle clock rings out its tone,
While the fire burns up its own.
Moon beams light a square on the floor,
And the young children want a little more.

Now the day dawns with sunbeams new,
And calls us to find a brighter view.
But we stay behind silently,
Deceiving ourselves to be free.

Why don’t we move, why are we afraid?
Don’t we see the foundation is laid?
For if we trust the God whom none can fathom,
He’ll never let us hit the bottom.

So take a breath of air and dive in.
Watch yourself, and do not sin.
The future’s waiting, don’t make it wait.
Now’s not the time to hesitate.

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