On My Way….

Life has been crazy lately…which I think I said in my last post. I just moved out of the small cottage I’ve been in since April when I moved to Kansas City. I’m in an apartment now and I definitely feel more “Adultish” than ever. Not simply because I’m in an apartment where I can host people and have fun, but also because in a couple of weeks I will be newly married and my bride will be here with me…

So to say the least, a lot of life changes have been happening this year…I moved from my homeland of Kentucky, got engaged, published a book, moved up to an apartment, about to get married and start a family with the woman I love…It’s been a busy year! To use high school graduation vernacular, I’m “closing out one chapter of my life and opening a new one!” “You’re great!” “Don’t ever change!” “I–” whoops sorry. Got a little too into that.

Anyways, all this to say that when I was on the cusp of graduation from high school, I had the forsight to know that life was about to dramatically change. So I wrote a song about hopes, dreams, and fears. It’s grown through the years and has been one of those songs that I keep coming back to. I recorded it a couple of years ago with a friend, Taylor Kubik, and released it on the awesome noisetrade.com site. I eventually took it down to put up the “Table for Two” album since at the time you could only have one album on your page. They’ve changed that since then, and now, to commemorate my coming marriage I am re-releasing it so you all can celebrate with me and get a little teary-eyed too! It’s free, so you can’t beat that. Go on over and download the song!


out the door cover art

Also, don’t forget that book I’ve mentioned! If you haven’t got it yet (it’s only 99 cents!), go get it now! or at least tell someone about it! or at least leave a review! Just do it! Yeah! You’re great!




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