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Some of you (roughly 2 people) may have been wondering where on the earth I’ve been the past couple of months since the release of Plethora ( and a couple of promotions. The answer is that I’ve been in an undisclosed location testing the affect of bulls in china cabinets. Our research found that the china will inevitably break because most bulls don’t fit nicely in china cabinets (no bulls were harmed in the researching of this data).

But that’s not all! I’m getting married, as you can read about a couple posts before this one. So much of my time has been devoted to wedding things that I’ve had little time for anything else. I’m hoping that once the wedding/honeymoon is over I can make a return, but we’ll see. At any rate, things not pertaining to my marriage have been put on the backburner. This would include Plethora..but don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten it. Like a pot on the backburner, I stir it up occasionally. I’m starting to pass out flyers in the Kansas City area and hoping that will drum up some interest, but we’ll see. You can help me in this in-between stage by telling others about the book and leaving an honest review on Amazon (

I also hope to get some blogging done…perhaps even before the wedding. I have plenty to talk about, from relationships, to marriage, to poetry, to theology, to etc. There’s quite a backlog, so stay tuned! That pipe will get unclogged eventually!


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