A Plethoran Thank You

The confetti has been swept up, the balloons have been popped, and the root beer kegs are dry. The engagement celebration is over…and what a celebration! You all did not disappoint! Plethora had 140 downloads during the 5 day jamboree, pushing it up quite a bit in Amazon’s charts. That’s amazing! A hardy thank you to everyone who helped themselves to a copy! You can now greatly increase my gratitude and amazement by giving a review of Plethora either on Amazon, your blog, facebook, twitter, whatever. Right now I’m relying heavily on word-of-mouth advertisement. Tell everyone you know in your corner of the world!

I should also take this time to make some other thank you’s. I need to thank Colton Williams for designing the awesome cover (which was part of the 1st customer review I received on Amazon). I also would like to thank my “guinea pigs” who read a draft of Plethora pre-published and gave feedback. On top of that I’d like to thank all my family and friends who have supported me along this journey..especially my lovely fiance! Oh, and I’d like to thank my mom, Elvis, and my pit crew. Couldn’t have done this without you all!

If you missed your chance to get the novel for free, no fear, it’s still 99 cents. So go on over to Amazon and download a very unique journey!


final cover


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