A Plethoran Update!

Hey everyone, exciting news in the works…though maybe not as exciting as you had hoped……

Are you ready for it?………………………………I bought a record player! That’s right, I’m spinnin’ the tunes and wearing shades indoors!

But aside from this, on Monday the blog had 66 visits! Broke the record!…the blog’s record, not one of my record player’s records. So a HUGE thank you to all who dropped by!

I’m sure most of you dropped by to find out more about Plethora. As you probably know, the book is supposed to be officially out….right now! If you go on the Kindle store, you will find out that……it’s not there yet. What happened? Well, although I uploaded the book today, it’s “in review” and should be available tomorrow sometime. You can be sure I’ll let you know as soon as I find out! The good news is, I think you can buy the book even if you don’t have a Kindle. The preview I had featured the iPad as an option. I’m looking into whether or not you can simply download the book to your computer/laptop and read it from there. Stay tuned here (can you tune to a blog?) for the latest updates!

By way of appeasement for not having the book available when I said it would be, here’s a poem that one of the characters quotes in the book. It kinda captures the idea of Plethora. So enjoy until next time when I will hopefully be officially announcing the release of Plethora!

If every girl were a princess, and every guy a prince,
And every house were a castle to save her from thence,
Then I would ride forth to save my dear Lizz,
Even if my horse died and my pop had no fizz.

If every girl were a moon, and every guy a sun,
And I could dare outshine every single one,
Then so would I do for Lizz’s dear beams,
Or be haunted forever in a sleep with no dreams. 

If every girl were a flower, and every guy a bee,
Then I would visit my Lizz only to see,
Her dance in the wind, her grace in the fall,
Did that last line make any sense at all?

 If every girl were a rhyme, and every guy a poet,
I would write about Lizz and not even know it.
For her beauty is the sum of all this world’s care,
It would be very dreary if her heart was not there.

 And thus in conclusion, I must finally reach,
If every girl were an ocean, and every guy a beach,
If Lizz would wash on me just one lowly glance,
I’d give each grain of sand to have with her one dance.

What does it mean? find out when you journey to Plethora!

final cover


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