Plethora–Anywhere, Anything!

Some of you may want to buy Plethora but are holding back because you don’t have a Kindle. That’s quite allright and understandable (I don’t have one yet either), but now you’ll have no excuse to not buy Plethora.Why? Because there’s an app from Amazon (that’s FREE) and allows you to read anything you download […]

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Show Time!

Well, after hours of waiting, I am pleased to announce that Plethora is now available for you to purchase! For a mere 99 cents you can make your journey to Plethora! So what now? Well here’s how you can help support me in this endeavor: 1)Buy the book! click the link above and buy […]

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A Plethoran Update!

Hey everyone, exciting news in the works…though maybe not as exciting as you had hoped…… Are you ready for it?………………………………I bought a record player! That’s right, I’m spinnin’ the tunes and wearing shades indoors! But aside from this, on Monday the blog had 66 visits! Broke the record!…the blog’s record, not one of my record […]

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